Gnome Anatomy

So rather than writing my daily post, prescribed now for the run up to SF’s launch, I find myself pacing around my apartment contemplating certain physical aspects of Gnomes. Strangers of the 5th Circle and higher will understand why. The rest of you may have to wait a few months.

The delights of gnome anatomy notwithstanding, the pacing is clearly aversive behavior. Having attended a kind of art school, I’ve certainly witnessed my share of sensitive types wrestling with the vicissitudes of self-promotion. My internal reaction was always a good natured eye roll behind which I guess was the sentiment, “Get over yourself. It’s part of the job, and not really onerous compared to the demands of other types of work.”

So imagine the perverse delight I’m now taking in my own struggles in the same regard. Which makes me wonder: is feeling schadenfreude toward oneself a sign of incipient mental illness?

Fear not, Strangers, it’s surely nothing a glass of chardonnay won’t take care of.

And So It Begins


Finally, I can accede to your clamoring for a more streamlined medium of correspondence. Henceforth all treatises, testimony, and trivia should be channeled through this site. Please discontinue use of all our previous dead drops, delivery depots, and dovecotes.

I trust you’ll enjoy the repast, and may your appetite be passing strong.

The Strange One