Teaser Tuesday


You’ll all be thrilled to know that SF appeared on “Teaser Tuesday” at:


Which is a book blog run by this apparently really cute vampire named April.

The verdict you ask? Our prologue is “Creeptastic.”

Normally I might equivocate concerning my feelings about such an ambiguous portmanteau, but in this case I’m happy to report I’ve already worked it into my canned response to the remarkably prevalent question, “What is your book about?”

A brief history:

1)  Curious that I was more or less unprepared when first asked the question. My initial response,

“Uh….well…It’s about a lot of things.”

2) Next I went with:

“This is a novel about sex and games.”

But only because when I was surprised yet again, that phrase is written on the jacket of the book, which I happened to be holding.

3) Finally some preparation. I came up with this enchanting phrase:

“Strange Flesh is a sanguinary mystery concerning the dawning age of Neterosexuality.”

Enchanting, but nobody has any idea what it means.

4) Here’s where I am this week:

“Who cares? It costs two bucks and it’s creeptastic! Just buy the fucking thing.”

A writer’s life, so…


2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday

  1. I agree with the last sentiment EXACTLY – I’ve been pushing Strange Flesh on anyone I think might possibly enjoy it – especially since it was on sale for such an amazing price! I have to thank you for making my day – dropped by the blog today to get a URL to paste into my review and I see THIS! I ❤ you even more now! And THANK YOU for seeing that my avatar is a vampire – some people seem to miss that! 😀 I haven't quite taken the concept of "The Bleed" into getting my teeth filed down to fangs, not really THAT committed to vampirism.. wow this comment is getting quite long and drawn out isn't it?

    I seriously hope you are working on another novel!

    Here is a direct link to my review – I hope it brings a smile to your face as much as this post did mine! [Also the latest post of the sex prostibots – my friend showed me that the other day and I told her it made me think of Strange Flesh! LOL So I loved that you posted it here, haha!]

    OK now here is the link before I ramble any more nonsensically: Review: Strange Flesh by Michael Olsen

    Amazingtastic is the highest rating I give out! And creeptastic is right up there next to amazingtastic, so yes EVERYONE should go out and by this amazingtastic-creeptastic book!

    Rock on! [Or should I say bot on?]
    – April,the really cute vampire

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